Questions you should be asking when you get a website designed and developed

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Many people tell me they can get a website for R2000 I just smile when they tell me this because they don’t know it but they have just been sucker punched. My father told me you get what you pay for nothing is free and websites are no different.

So how does one know if they are getting value for their money when buying a website? I will tell you what you should be looking out for, and the right questions to ask so that you don’t get sucker punched by one of the many low budget website design companies out there.

I am going to break it down into structure design and (SEO) search engine optimisation.


The structure of a website is the most important phase of website design and web development. This is because it is the first phase of development and getting it right is important because it will affect the look and feel of the website.

Questions to ask about the structure

Is there space for at least 250 words per page minimum this will help with your SEO

Is the text size for your website big enough for people with bad sight to see and read?

Have the images used on your website been optimised.

Do your image galleries have pagers?

Is your email address protected on the contact page from spammers?


The look and feel can make or break a website. The most important attribute of any website design is that the colours used to complement each other, and work with the structure of the content on the website.

Questions to ask about the design

Have colours that complement each other been used?

Does the website design flow and work with the content on the website.

Where images have been used in the website design have these images been optimised?

Have images been used in the website design for your menu or has text been used.

Is the website adaptive and responsive, meaning will it display nicely on tablets and mobile handheld devices?

(SEO) search engine optimisation.

Questions to ask about search engine optimisation

Have popular terms that are relevant to my industry/niche/website been used?

Has unique, high quality texts that will be considered useful both by the Users and by the Search Engines been used in the website content

Are all the titles and descriptions on all the pages of the website unique?

Have important keywords been used for the Page Titles Meta-Descriptions and the HTML Headings (H1-H6)? Have they optimized my texts for those keywords?

Are the Titles, and Meta-Descriptions compelling for the users? Will they visit the website if it appears on Search Engine Results?

Where keyword combinations that are likely to be searched by users? Have the pages on the website been optimized for those keyword combinations? Have the keywords been incorporated in the text synonyms that are likely to be used in the search queries?

Has descriptive ALT text been used for all the images on the website?

Are the most important keywords on the page in the beginning of the document?

Has your website been verified with the major search engines?

Did the website designer incorporate a site map for your website and submit it to the various search engines.

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