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Then new buzz word in presentation software is Prezi, so I thought I would have a little dig of my own to find out what all the fuss is about and this is what I discovered.

We will start with PowerPoint first because everybody is familiar with PowerPoint. The Microsoft PowerPoint presentation software is used by millions of people every year for product launch’s university lectures and presentations. The software can be very difficult to use but in the right hands can kick Prezi’s ass. I know that sounds very one sided but I speak from experience here.

PowerPoint has a large support community with loads of how to do PowerPoint tutorials and thousands of free templates.  The down side is  that if you don’t have the time to learn all the advanced cool things you can do with PowerPoint, then Prezi will be more attractive to you and at the end of this blog you can look that the side by side comparison and see why.

Prezi can give you a lot of advanced cool features and effect in minutes without any fuss that can only be achieved by PowerPoint if you have some advanced experience. The real downside for Prezi is that it stores the information on the web and there are two reasons why this is so bad.

Storing any data on the web these days is way too dangerous with all the hacking and snooping by national intelligence agencies. If your presentation has any sensitive information in it that your competitors would pay a handsome sum to get your hands on, then hacking Prezi is just a matter of time as there must be a gold mine of secrets sitting on the cloud.

Do you have a reliable connection? These days ISP’s and the infrastructure that the internet runs on can be very unreliable for most of the world with most of America and parts of Europe being the exception, but for the rest of us slow connections and congested cellular base stations are a reality.

My opinion is that I prefer keeping my personal information and sensitive information confidential, so for me, I think I am going to stick with PowerPoint but I would advise giving Prezi a go if privacy is not an issue for you.

Stores data on your computer Stores data on the web
Has advanced capabilities but not east to use Options limited but very easy to use
Expensive to purchase More affordable


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