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Animation is a world of movement – it is our world.

It can make us laugh and make us cry, bring us joy, inspire us and captivate us. Just as a camera captures a moment-in-time, so an animation artist will capture movement. In animation there are no rules, only guidelines… the limitations are only set by ourselves. We exaggerate expression to create impact and transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. Whatever the animation task may be there are some fundamentals that form the building blocks of a great animation.

  • Phase one comprises of rough thumbnail ideas, sourcing of video reference and drawing sketches derived from the sourced reference.
  • Phase two involves the composing of timing notes, sketching exaggerated thumbnails, saving key poses based on your thumbnails, and breakdown pose (there’s a lot going on)
  • Phase three is refining the breakdown poses with weight shifts, eye animation, anticipation, and arcs.
  • Lastly, the animation is finalized with the addition of animation overshoots and secondary animation.

Learning animation is something that is unending. We need to constantly study movement, scrutinize expression, and carry a pursuit to comprehend the ebb-and-flow within all areas of life. Our effective animation has a unique way of captivating an audience through surprise, creativity and cleaver design. There are no limitations set on animation other than the limitations we define ourselves this welcomes creative thinking and imaginative execution.

“Movement is the essence of our being. From the crashing of the waves to the wind blowing through the trees – we are deeply drawn to it.” - Tyron Solomon


Capturing a moment of authenticity is an artform. A compilation of engaging camera angels and movements, coupled with emotive audio and effects...
If you have ever been on a local taxi in Cape Town South Africa then this experience will resonate with you.
Sanlam together with Sulabh International and the Gauteng Province held a Sanitation Conference.
A video explainer can serve many purposes – primarily it positions a company’s business offering and can be used across all media platforms.

Tyron and Edge Multimedia have never let us down. Their work always exceeds expectations and we enjoy a very personal customer experience. We use them on a variety of different project types and they are always willing to hear out the brief, communicate their thoughts and present quality options which are ready to be implemented. Thank you Edge for being such great Partners!

Clark Gardner
CEO | Summit Financial Partners

Thank you Tyron, to you and your creative & enthusiastic team at Edge Multimedia for your inspiring work. Our 2017 Global Conference was all the more exciting with your creative input and expertise. Our prospectus is timeless and beautiful. I would recommend you with hesitation to all my colleagues in the industry. Keep inspiring and growing!”

Samantha Petersen
CEO | Ayoba Training

Edge Multimedia have been designing and creating the artwork for my websites, CDs and book covers over the past few years. Not only does the artwork look brilliant, their efficiency, professionalism and friendliness stand out too. I could expect to pay far more than I do for their expertise, but the prices are very reasonable. Tyron has an exceptional way of understanding my requirements (via email briefing) and promptly delivering options that always delight me. I highly recommend Edge Multimedia.

Jevon Dangeli
NLP Trainer & Coach | Authentic Self-Empowerment

My experience with Edge Multimedia over the past decade, in various roles, has been truly exceptional. They are a niche creative agency that provide a hands-on personalized service. They put you first and have an unparalleled level of professionalism with deep insight into their projects. An innovative group of individuals that always challenge the norms and push creative boundaries with the adoption of new technologies. A one-stop solution for all your marketing requirements.

Quaniet Richards
Head of Institutional Business | Nedgroup Investments

Edge Multimedia has been assisting me with presentation and video production services for more than seven years.
They are enthusiastic, reliable and always willing to go the extra mile to meet tight deadlines.

Jeremy Gardiner
Managing Director | Investec Asset Management

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